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"Carnival in a Strip Mall Parking Lot" in The Adirondack Review

"Runaways" in Fantastic Floridas

"Middle Ages" in Fantastic Floridas

"Mythologies" in Fantastic Floridas

"Spirit of '76"
in Fantastic Floridas

"Last Days"
in Pretty Owl Poetry

"Winter Gold" in Pretty Owl Poetry

"Leavings" & "Divinity" in Blunderbuss Magazine

"Tomorrow Was Hers"
in Pea River Journal

"Recess" & "The Falter"
in Blunderbuss Magazine

FO(U)ND MEMORIES : one | two | three | four | five

*Fo(u)nd Memories is a short story collection inspired
 by photographs gleaned from antique dealers, flea
 markets, and elsewhere.

Fo(u)nd Memories on NPR



Danny Powell is a writer of novels, short stories,
picture books, and screenplays, and a director of
motion pictures.

He has been an Edward Albee Fellow, a Tofte Lake
Center Emerging Artist, and the writer-in-residence
at Art & History Museums-Maitland.

His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in York
Literary Review
, Blunderbuss Magazine, Pea River
, The Adirondack Review, Fantastic Floridas,
Penny Ante Feud
, Pretty Owl Poetry, Highlights
, and Highlights High Five. His feature film,
Homer and Penelope
, premiered in 2013.






info at danny-powell dot com


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Danny’s short stories contain the same beauty and quiet thoughtfulness that his screenplays achieve. —Jakob Holder

His stories are often characterised by an observant eye, a poetic depth, and a great sense of integrity. [His] characters are dynamic and unforgettable. —Annemarie Ní Churreáin





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